Our Classroom Website


This is all so different, new and overwhelming. My hope with creating this classroom page is to have a place that all online learning links and videos can be published. Dojo will continue to be our main route for communication, but it is limited in its ability to upload as many things as we will need in the next few weeks. This should be very user friendly. PLEASE reach out to me if you are finding this difficult to navigate or use. We will problem solve together or use a different method. 

A message from me to you with a little help from Winnie the Pooh


Our Daily Schedule: 

  • Daily Greeting (check dojo)
    • Everyday I will send a greeting. This will be on dojo and will give you the directions for the day!
  • Check our daily checklist on our website
    • Each week I will post updated work checklists for each day. This is should make all work easier for parents. All the work for each day will be on the checklist. Links will be under each area and should be very user friendly. 

I highly encourage you to only complete 1 day worth of assignments per day. This will allow for continuous structure and hopefully make the day more smooth!